Custom made marionette wood carved-OLD MAN- with moving cross eyes, mouth and he can drink and smoke

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Have you ever imagined having a marionette of somebody you love, or a marionette created from your own imagination? We have more than 27 years of experience working with wood. We offer a huge selection of marionettes for theatres, schools, therapy and just for fun! Our marionettes offer great educational value, and they inspire personal expression.


For a custom-made marionette, all we need are clear pictures and a detailed description; do you want the hair carved or a wig made, how tall should your puppet be, how many strings do you want, and so on.


We have friendly staff who will work with you. We can make any kind of marionette according to a customer's requirements. The price of the marionette depends on the size and the work involved. We are only a message away to help you!


Custom made- Old Man -  wood carved marionette and have moving cross eyes, mouth and can smoke and drinking.


It"s very easy to play with her and aslo use for theatre or  street performance.Or can have treasures in your collection!

can see video with him:


65 cm / 26 inch
2 kg / 1.1 lb
wood carved from linden wood
wood controller with strings

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